The Ugliest Canon Powershot Camera

Traveling with a camera, even a point and shoot, always carries the risk of theft. This great photo of an uglified Canon PowerShot A95 has made the rounds on some of the more popular social websites.

After have a camera stolen in Brazil, Jimmie P Rodgers noticed that a Canon PowerShot A95 resembles a film camera. The hand-grip is cylindrical and looks like a film compartment. As the Jimmie points out, “all digital cameras are worth money, but none of the film cameras are unless it’s an SLR”. A bit of tape, a sharpie marker, remove anything shiny, and voila! You got one ugly, undesirable camera!

Want to make one for yourself? Amazon UK is out of stock. For Amazon USA and eBay USA, see below.

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8 thoughts on “The Ugliest Canon Powershot Camera

  1. da-y

    Yeah! Really cool, really ugly camera!!
    It is quite important to stay mot very noticeable in some poor and agressive places. These hints help to make camera less … tasty :)

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  4. Kassie Burka

    The actual tool versus toy outline twigged my thinking. I’m searching for a replacement for my SONY dsc-S75 which i have had since 2001. It’s been a terrific camera. Very tough and has survived many drops, even one in the lake but I want a better zoom and faster ready time between shots plus I enjoy have the movie manner. Kassie Burka

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