Robert is an escapee from the IT industry. He makes his living from consulting and freelance photography. His photos have appeared in advertisements, books, magazines, direct mail, and websites. Robert’s background is ideally suited to cut through the digital hype circulating on the internet.

Robert’s Photography Blog can be classified as ‘niche blog’ designed to fill information gaps in digital photography. If a topic is well-covered, you can read about it elsewhere. You won’t find cut and pasted press releases here. Robert uses only Canon equipment: digital bodies, prime/L-series lens, and Speedlite flashes. Therefore, many of the posts are Canon-related.

This blog is based on a WordPress publishing platform (v2.7)*. WordPress is the most popular weblog publishing software. Unlike most static HTML-based websites, WordPress pages (themed templates) are dynamically loaded with information that is stored in a MySQL database. Adding information and editing is conveniently performed from an administrative panel. As months and years go by, websites based on static pages become bloated with hundreds of loosely linked pages. Database driven WordPress-based sites are unaffected by the amount of information and load just as fast regardless of the size of the database.

The theme is a heavily modified version of Options by Justin Tadlock. The theme is a 2-column design – one on the left for content and one sidebar on the right. There is plenty of room for the usual stuff plus a few ads to offset costs of maintaining the site.

Hosting is by USONYX Broadband Web Hosting Service that uses the 1-Net datacenter which sits directly on the Singapore ONE backbone providing high capacity ATM network that covers over 99% of the island with access via ADSL, cable, wireless, and fiber. The datacenter is connected to all the major ISPs in Singapore including WorldCom/Uunet, SingNet, StarHub/SCV, Pacific Internet, Reach and Sprint. Robert’s Photography Blog should load just as fast in Peru and it does in Singapore. Well, almost!

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