Below are a few ways to advertise on this site.

1) Text Links

A limited number of text links are can be purchased directly. They will appear in the text link box on the sidebar marked ‘Sponsors’. Other locations (footer, in posts or pages, etc) would be considered. All paid links include the rel=”nofollow” attribute. Contact Robert for pricing.

2) Google Adwords

You can advertise on this site using Google Adwords. As an advertiser, you can target this site individually with cost-effective CPM ads. This site is currently displaying medium rectangle (300×250) and (728x15_4) link unit ads.

3) Banner Ads

The photo gallery supports 468×60 banners. Banner ads can be displayed continuously or on a rotational basis. Contact Robert for pricing.

4) Reviews

Photography-related products and services can be reviewed on the blog. A typical article would be 3-5 paragraphs long. Each article can contain one photo (longest dimension 250px) and a maximum of (2) nofollow links. Contact Robert for pricing.

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