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Bibble 5 Pro Photographic Workflow Software Released

Bibble 5 ProBibble Labs has announced the release of their much anticipated Bibble 5 Pro Workflow Software. The release comes more than a year after it was officially launched at Photokina 2008.

Bibble 5 Pro is available for purchase for $199.95. Bibble 4 customers can upgrade to the new version – either for free if they purchased after September 1, 2006, or for $99 if their Bibble 4 purchase was made prior to that date. Bibble 5 Lite isn’t expected to ship until the first quarter of 2010, so in the meantime, owners of Bibble 4 Lite are being allowed to use Bibble 5 Pro with their Lite license*. Upgrade instructions can be found on Bibble Labs’ new support forums. Also, see the FAQ’s.

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Bibble 5 Software Delayed Again?

Bibble 5A Bibble support staff (username: cvermillion) has just left a message on DPReview that there will not be a full release of Bibble 5 Professional Workflow Software before the end this month (January). To be fair to Bibble, they had only committed to deliver a public preview version of Bibble 5 no later than the end of January 2009. According to Bibble, a public preview version “let’s users try out most of the new features”.

Even if we see a public preview within the next day or two, the question remains – how far out is the actual release of Bibble 5? Software development always takes longer than even the most pessimistic projections. Think back to the endless delays for the release of Windows Vista, for example. Hopefully, for Bibble 5 the delay is months and not years.

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Real Obama Hope Photograph verified with TinEye

Obama Hope ComparisonIn case you missed the buzz, there was a controversy over the photographer who took the photo that was the source for Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama HOPE prints.

Earlier, reports circulated that it was a photo from TIME magazine which was reversed and stretched slightly. That photo was credited to Jonathan Daniel of Getty Images, but this turned out to be incorrect. The correct match is a photo taken by Manny Garcia – a freelance photojournalist based in Washington D.C. The photo was taken of then Senator Obama as he was addressing the National Press Club about his recent visit to Darfur.

The first correct ID using overlays was posted on Flickr by “stevesimula”. Idée Inc. (TinEye) took a more sophisticated approach using their image comparison engine PixID. PixID takes a detailed look at the patterns of the pixels images, creating digital fingerprints of the source and target images. It can find a small partial match in the fingerprints, even if the images have been heavily transformed. Edits can include crops, flips, rotation, skews or as in this case – posterization of the image.

TinEye’s PixID can also calculate a sub-pixel accurate transformation matrix that shows how the images best align to each other. They used that to produce the image overlay shown above. Mannie Garcia’s photograph was the best match.

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Exposure Manager Enhancements

Trading Card SampleI have been using Exposure Manager (aka ExposureManager) for several years and have written positively about them earlier. There service has grown to become an effective business partner for freelance photographers.

For a yearly membership fee and commission on each sale, they host galleries, print and ship photos, and perform order processing. Exposure Manager is located in the USA, however, they ship worldwide in damage-proof packaging.

Exposure Manager has added quite a few enhancements recently that are worth mentioning.

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Bibble Pro 5 Launch at Photokina 2008

Bibble Labs will be officially launching Bibble 5 RAW conversion software on Sept 23rd at Photokina 2008. Bibble 5 offers significant improvement over the Bibble 4-series in all aspects of photographic workflow. It offers finer control over image quality and adjustments, huge speed gains, and a more flexible workflow. Bibble 5 will support all current operating systems and platforms as well as 64-bit operating systems.

Bibble Pro 5

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