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RobertPhotoBlog on an iPhoneRobertPhotoBlog is now available in mobile format. Fully supported are standard mobile phones, Blackberries, as well as 3G devices including the iPhone and iTouch. Also supported are 1st generation iPhones that still use AT&T’s EDGE network.

Special formating solves display and layout problems caused by mobile device browsers. The new mobile format results in faster page loading and reduces bandwidth usage. Images from our posts are made it into small thumbnails that are displayed next to the post title. Larger images, specially sized for phone’s LCD, are visible in the posts.

RobertPhotoBlog has been mobilized using the MoFuse mobile site creation application.

To access RobertPhotoBlog on your mobile device, just enter this easy to remember URL in the browser:

If you are in the USA, you can enter your mobile phone number in the box below and be sent an SMS message with the above site URL.

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